Three Tips For Opening A Successful Car Dealership

28 September 2016
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Opening a car dealership takes a lot of preparation and planning. If you are thinking about opening a car dealership and want to offer in-house financing, there are factors that you need to take into consideration before approving someone for a loan. Use the guide below to learn how to make sure that you are only approving loans that have a good chance of being repaid. Ensure the Buyer Has a Consistent Form of Income Read More 

The Best Methods to Send Money Overseas

10 February 2016
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If you have a family member or loved one who is overseas and they need money, there are several options you can use to get them the cash they need quickly. Thanks to modern technology, the number of methods you can use today have certainly increased and improved in terms of faster speed and lower fees. Here are a few different options you have if you need to get some money sent to someone in a foreign country that will ensure it arrives quickly and safely. Read More